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Who is Mari?

It started in the North End of Hartford...

   I was brought up in the poorest part of the Capitol city by two college kids who fell in love during the Civil Rights Movement.

   Our house on Sigorney street was always full of local talented artists, intellectuals and musicians.  I began drawing by the age of 4.

   My earliest teachers were the artists from the Artist's Collective: Ionis Martin, Clifton Greene and later on Michael Borders.

   While in college, I traveled abroad to Italy, Spain and France and developed a love and passion for art history as well as art production.

   I combined my love of the arts, literature and languages with a career in teaching where I have persisted more than 30 years in both the public and private sector.

   Where I began as a portrait artist, I have also experimented with landscapes and genre scenes.

   I am currently interested in conveying strong emotions that the viewer can connect with.

   Painting has the ability to speak a language all its own through the use of light, color and form as well as the texture of the paint itself.

   I continue to enjoy creating pieces and then sharing them with the greater public to discuss their impact.


   Through this website, you can explore commissions for everything from murals to portraits to paint nights to lessons.  I am looking forward to hearing from you!

   Peace and love,


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